My name is Christine Lonergan, I am a native Rhode Islander and have been an artist my entire life.  Living in New England, I am blessed to be surrounded by breath-taking scenery that inspires my artwork every day.  


I create representational oil paintings of landscapes, figures and flowers.  My landscapes are painted through a combination of plein air and studio work and are inspired by local scenery and from travel.  Through my artwork I try to use light and color to carefully craft God’s mastery of nature to provide the viewer with a sense of beauty and peace.


Since I was a child, I have always had a passion and desire to create whether it was painting, drawing or creating of any type.  In 2006, I attended Rhode Island College and earned a BA in Painting, BS in Art Education and a concentration in Ceramics.  However, during this time, my true education was earned through working and learning from the Artist’s at Royal Gallery in Providence, RI.  Although it is no longer in existence, the education and artists there have truly left an everlasting impression that has shaped me into who I am today.  During those years I was truly blessed to have studied with Mary Jane Q. Cross and Sandra Wakeen.


Christine currently resides in North Kingstown, Rhode Island with her husband and two dogs Annie and Lolli.  When she is not painting she is teaching elementary art or running.